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Back in September 2009, Legion Member John W. "Tim" Rudduck submitted a letter that was written by his father Bill Rudduck while in the U.S. Navy during W.W. II.

The letter was dated October 15, 1945.  Bill was a photographer's mate in the U.S. Navy and was one of the first Americans to step foot in Hiroshima Japan after the Atomic Bomb was dropped.

Below is the Original Letter that Bill mailed home.

Also attached is a "retyped" version of the original letter,

and finally pictures that Bill took when he toured Hiroshima.

Until recently, these photographs were lost,  

I thought it would be appropriate to relist this letter now that the pictures that go with the letter are now available.


Webmaster Post 49

Mike Sutton


Original Letter from Bill Rudduck


Retyped version of Original Letter