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Monthly Training for Honor Guard:  3rd Wednesday each Month at 6:30PM

Jan  17 Posting & Retrieving the Colors
Feb 21 Flag Folding & Presentation
Mar 21 Rifle and Flag procedures  (TRAINING CANCELLED)
Apr 18 Rifle and Flag procedures
May 16 Review of all procedures -  Last training before Summer Break
Jun 20 Training Cancelled - Summer Break
Jul 18 Training Cancelled - Summer Break
Aug 15 Training Cancelled - Summer Break
Sep 19 Flag Folding practice & review - Emphasis on unusual situations
Oct 17 Working with Rifles - Dry Firing
Nov 21 Training Cancelled - Holiday
Dec 19 Training Cancelled - Holiday
Jan 16 Presenting the Colors - Procedures and (Inside) Marching


2016 American Legion National Color Guard Competition in Cincinnati

2017 American Legion National Color Guard Competition in Reno

Flag Folding - How to "flip" the flag when presented wrong 8-8-18

Flag Folding Video added 2-18-2018

Updated Flag Folding Video Series

Folding the Casket Flag  Part 1

Folding the Casket Flag Part 2

Folding the Casket Flag Part 3

Additional Video 2-Man flag folding

(Notice that the above has the overlap as in parts 1-3)

‚ÄčHow to fold the flag for a display case


Rifle Firing Party Sequence

Funeral Honors "21 Gun Salute/3 Volleys"

Manual of Arms

Ceremonial At Ease

Close Order Drill  part 1

Close Order Drill  part 2

Posting and Retrieving the Colors

Posting & Retrieving for a FILE formation

Posting & Retrieving for a RANK formation


Just for Fun....

Razzle Dazzle

Three Stooges

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