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140 E. Locust Street, Wilmington, Ohio

Wilmington Veterans Post 49


Monthly Training for Memorial Squad:  3rd Wednesday each Month at 6:30PM

Aug 27 Flag Folding & Presentation  ALSO discuss future training topics
Sept 21  Certification Training by OHARNG Honor Guard Team  Beginning at    5:30PM
Oct 19  Practice with Rifles & Flags using new commands,  Flag folding if time  permits.
Nov 16  Flag Folding (bring your gloves), also we will go over Rifles/Flag procedures using the new Commands
Dec 21  Posting and Retrieving the Colors.   
Jan 18  Training Canceled for January due to a "Walk Through" for Post 49 member
Feb 15  Flag Folding/Rifle & Flag procedures/Posting & Retrieving the Colors
Mar 15  "Basics" Attention, Parade Rest, Left Face, Right Face, Etc.  "NEW"       Ceremonial Parade At Ease, see video below.  Review of Port Arms and Order  Arms procedures.
Apr 19 General Practice on everything we do
May 17 Practice for upcoming Memorial Day Details
Jun 21 Monthly Squad Practice for June -  CANCELLED


2016 American Legion Color Guard Competition in Cincinnati

Updated Flag Folding Video Series

Folding the Casket Flag  Part 1

Folding the Casket Flag Part 2

Folding the Casket Flag Part 3

Additional Video 2-Man flag folding

(Notice that the above has the overlap as in parts 1-3)


Rifle Firing Party Sequence

Funeral Honors "21 Gun Salute/3 Volleys"

Manual of Arms

Ceremonial At Ease

Close Order Drill  part 1

Close Order Drill  part 2

Posting and Retrieving the Colors

Posting & Retrieving for a FILE formation

Posting & Retrieving for a RANK formation


Just for Fun....

Razzle Dazzle

Three Stooges

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