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140 E. Locust Street, Wilmington, Ohio

Wilmington Veterans Post 49

Positions Vacant

    2 Trustee Position Available

To all Post 49 American Legion Members

     As most of you know, we only have one Trustee, we need to have Three Trustees.  There have been alot of misconceptions spread about the job of the Trustees.  #1 You do not have to be at the Post all day long, every day.  That is the reason we have three trustees.  The three break up the duties that are required.  Click here to see what the job entales.

  When you check out the duties of the Trustees pay close attention to Section #3 (c): "Trustees shall be resposible for Operation of the Post Social Room".

  Let that sink in for a moment........If there are no trustees, how is the Social Room going to survive?   Of course no one wants to see the Social Room disappear.  But on the other hand there has to be some type of management, and the Post by-laws clearly spell this out.

  If you have some spare time, why not give this a try.  We have over 400 members of this Post, surely we can get someone able to step up and help out our Post.

  Some of you might recall during the year that I was Post Commander, all three of the Trustees resigned.  I had no choice but to close down the social room.  Yes it was only for a half day, but the next day we had new people step up and fill the Trustee positions which allowed the Social Room to remain operating.  Another consideration is our employees, the ones that take care of you in the social room.  If that closes down, they loose their jobs.

 Please seriously consider helping out.  If you or you know someone who might be interested, please contact Commander Greg Gray.

                                                                  Thank You,

                                                                  Mike Sutton


                                                                 Commander Memorial Squad

                                                                 Post 49 Webmaster




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